My Story

I grew up around entrepreneurs who ran a successful consulting firm. I swore I would never go in to the business (we can all guess where this is headed)...it was in college when I was in a very cool class where we created our own business and presented to a group of venture capitalist - it clicked that what the company did was exactly what I wanted to do with my life. It involved making a difference and helping people really achieve success. To this day I still work with Strategic Alignment Partners helping them to grow and working with amazing clients.

In the process I fell in love with Vedic Astrology and realized the amazing insight it can provide individuals on their life journey and how much it can help them grow and understand. It is my true calling and where I gain energy. I studied under Joni Patry, Barry Rosen and Ronnie Gale Dreyer. I love to read and am continually learning and digging deeper in the science of Jyotish.

I am a mentor for the University of Vedic Astrology.

My Approach

My goal is to empower individuals to reach the level of achievement and success that they desire and dream of. I have the unique ability to use energy, the esoteric sciences focusing in on Astrology and my practical business knowledge to work with people through business situations as well as helping them better understand themselves and what they are on this earth to accomplish.


Vedic Astrology Certification from University of Vedic Astrology

Scholar of Jaimini System of Vedic Astrology from University of Vedic Astrology

Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki - Master Reiki Practitioner - Reiki III

TriMetrix HD & Emotional Intelligence


Life's New Game

I have contributed to two books at this point in time:


The Personal Side

I had a Siberian husky I adopted when she was a year and half she was a goofy, sweet loving girl and changed my life. When i'm not working with amazing individuals, I am traveling the country and the world. I have visited all 50 States in the USA and have been to 33 Countries and counting. I love hanging with my friends, listening to music, learning new perspectives, hearing peoples stories and reading books. The splendid outdoors is a second home whether it's hiking, running, or spending time at wineries. I have always had my eye to sky with a love of airplanes and the stars.

Elizabeth in Montenegro
Alaska fjords