What Others have Experienced:

From a note to my mentor: 

Hi Joni, I decided to have a reading with one of your students, Elizabeth Weihmiller. What a great and thorough reading. She did an amazing reading on me and have me down to a T. Gave me wonderful transits to look out for and forward to as well. Enjoyed talking about my own spiritual path and how the universe is speaking to me. Wonderful reading! 

~Jenny F. - Florida

I have always felt drawn to understand myself better and gaining the insights I did from Elizabeth during my natal reading were incredible. It was like reading a book someone wrote for you! Highly recommend! You won't be disappointed you did!

~ Alexandra K. - Virginia

"I received an astrology reading from Elizabeth. She was quite knowledgeable and patient. She walked me through my chart and gave me some really valuable insight. We focused on areas of my life where success comes naturally, but also areas that may be challenging. The feedback was amazingly accurate and seemed to uncover destructive patterns I always knew existed, but lacked the strength and courage to acknowledge. Our discussion touched on some sensitive topics and was not always pleasant, but she emphasized with compassion that knowledge is power to transform. Her work has helped me to understand and embrace difficult areas from a new perspective. I would highly recommend Elizabeth for anyone going through a life transition or simply not feeling aligned with the universe. She is an expert that can give you perspective and knowledge to move forward." 

Stefan Bartl - California 

I've been a local Realtor for over 30 years, and I'm always looking for new, innovative ways to enhance the marketing of our seller's homes.  This particular listing was unique - it was the sale of our parent's home of 46+ years.  There has been A LOT of love and living in this home over almost 5 decades!  As a result, I felt that there were most likely a LOT of energy and attachments here, between myself, my 3 siblings and our parents!  

I called in Elizabeth Weihmiller, to help clear the home, so that the right buyers would feel welcome.  Literally within one week of the last family attachments having been cleared, we received a contract that worked for everyone!  Buyers are in love with their new home, and very appreciative of the love and laughter we told them about, AND they were able to imagine themselves in the home, creating their own special memories over the years ahead.

This was a unique approach as a part of the process to prepare a home for the market.  They were sensitive to our uncommon situation, and did a remarkable job - I cannot recommend Elizabeth any more strongly!! I’d use them again in a heartbeat!

Debbie Wicker

Wicker Homes Group at Keller Williams

Working with Elizabeth these past six weeks has been one of the most transformational experiences I have ever had as an adult woman. The process may not be easy at times, as you find your inner strength... Which is actually the most beautiful aspect of blooming; you realize what you already have inside of you!

Elizabeth was able to counsel me through all of the difficulties, shedding amazing wisdom and encouragement on my journey. She was able to help me implement new positive strategies and mindful habits so that I can continue the growing process throughout the rest of the obstacles thrown my way in the years to come...and hopefully the rest of my life.

This journey is supposed to be the beginning of the new chapters in my book. These are the initial steps in the direction of bigger things... We will see what the future provides and how exciting the rest of this book becomes! Without fail, consciously making the decision to write an amazing story provides the most exhilarating feelings. It is one of many proactive things I can do for bettering my life, or at least the outlook on an already established beautiful existence.

I feel completely empowered and courageous to be positive and unstoppable. It's time to unleash my inner goddess and respect the beauty in the life that has been given to me!

Thank you, Elizabeth for your role as a mentor and a pivotal part of the transformation process.

~ Haley Parker - Acupuncturist

I approached Elizabeth to help me be a better public speaker. Their program, Conquering your Inner Game, over time has helped me achieve this goal by giving me the confidence I needed to become more proficient at this skill. One thing I liked is that their program is tailored for the busy professional. They provided me with tangible results, and the value has been great.

~ Kristina Cahill

Through the coaching and clearing process Elizabeth was able to help me identify and get rid of some limiting beliefs I had about myself that I didn’t realize I had or understand they were holding me back. She was able to help me break through these beliefs and help me get to the next level both professionally and personally. Over the last year I have taken on a new role that I never would have taken on prior to my coaching experience. This new position requires a lot more flexibility, has more uncertainty, and there is less that I can personally control, but despite all that I love my new position and have found a new career opportunity I never would have considered, yet truly enjoy it. I can handle more responsibility and stress now while still staying calm without letting my emotions take control. This process has given me an opportunity to see what my full potential could be, and how to get there.

~ Miranda Metcalfe

Elizabeth offered keen insights into both personal and organizational dynamics that helped me modify behavior and strategy to better engage with both internal and external clients. She is smart, intuitive, and a very effective communicator, articulating complex ideas and themes easily and efficiently. I highly recommend her and her team's leadership training and advisory services.

~ Paul Gibson

Elizabeth is one of the two to go to if you’re ready to make the big jump and change.  After going through the 6-week limiting belief clearing, things just started flowing in a new way for me.  I got greater clarity, more ideas started coming faster than before; I became more confident in saying things; things came more easily and business opportunities just started to happen.   I can’t explain their “mind voodoo” but it works and I highly recommend and would only trust them.   They’ve got it.”  

~ Richard Seppala, The ROI Guy

I’ve worked with Elizabeth Weihmiller for the last few years, I’ve experienced group trainings and individual coaching. Over the past few months, I’ve worked with Elizabeth on personal and career coaching and I must say it has seriously changed my outlook on things. Company culture and goals constantly change, and trying to maintain work life balance can be difficult. It’s easy to get caught up in a whirlwind and end up burnt out. Elizabeth has been there every step of the way, she has given me coaching that’s immediately applicable, she doesn’t sugar coat or give me fluff talks. She’s amazing at listening and truly finding out what the underlying issues are, and then walking me through steps to realize those myself and come up with an action plan. It’s always nice to be able to speak to someone outside of your company and family, who understands you professionally. Her guidance has been irreplaceable.

- Cere Netters - Director, Education & Events, National Speakers Association

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