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Astrology Insights

I provide the insight from the time you were born on your life.

Brains made of gears in heads, concept of thinking and cooperation with communication

Success Coaching

Let's get you to the next level of success. Whether it's a promotion or getting more praise from your boss.

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Energy Clearing

I use different methods to really help align the energy within your body to promote healing and balance.

Astrology Readings

A science itself. Astrology has been used since the beginning as way to help guide people through life. One's birth chart is as unique as each individual is.  Through knowing what you have as strengths and natural gifts and the areas that could be potential blocks you have more free will to shift and direct your life. While the planets and stars have a huge say in the general direction we all still have that free-will to change some of the things we don't like or to work around them. Knowing in advance, as I say, is a huge advantage that most don't take advantage of. Will you?

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subconscious mind

Conquer Your Inner Game

We have all heard of limiting beliefs and whether we admit it or not we all have them. They are not bad and you didn't set out to get them. They have just been programmed from birth and sometimes even before then. It could have been things that happened in your childhood that have stuck or things your parents may have said that you thought didn't bug you but they set in at that unconscious or subconscious level. The good news is there are ways to help eliminate completely these beliefs so they don't continue to stand in your way to achieving your dreams. Many of my clients achieve greater success once they took the plunge and cleared the limiting beliefs or as I think of them roadblocks. This is a six week program that is done by me.

Success Coaching

Success coaching is where we really get to spend the time to work on the things that you want to overcome to get to the next level. We can talk through situations you may have come across and need an objective viewpoint of. I ask the tough questions that most will not. This is really for those who want that coaching to continue moving forward. As part of the success coaching I require that my clients go through conquering your inner game to help make sure that all the roadblocks and limiting beliefs are cleared to help make sure you have the greatest success. Think of this as a way to have a sounding board like many successful entrepreneurs, CEO's and those people who are moving up in their careers. This can be a six month to year long program. The longer the commitment the more we can work through.

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I've known from a young age that I had a gift that was not like anyone else I knew. I sense energy and pick up on both positive and negative energy. Reiki is an ancient Japanese healing modality. It works with your bodies natural energies to help promote healing through the alignment of your Chakras. It helps to clear our blocked energy that may be holding you down or back from accomplishing your goals. In my practice I use the hands-off approach where my hands just hover over the different chakra points as I am working to get the energy flowing.

Home Energy Clearing

Houses like people are made of energy and have their own things that they hold on to. When you are ready to sell your home and want to make sure that the whole process goes smoothly. When you want your home to go to another family who will create their own memories. When you dealt with hard times and want to make sure that prospective buyers don't pick up on that energy. I take the time to really work with your house to help it be open to the new owners.  I work with realtors and homeowners to clear the energy. Making sure that the energy is physically flowing through the house as well as clearing any negative energy or people that may still be "attached" to the house.

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