January 2020 at a Glance

Look below for your Ascendant or Moon sign to see your January 2020 prediction.

This month there is still a lot of energy in Sagittarius. Jupiter, Saturn and Ketu are all transiting. We also have Sun and Mercury transiting Sagittarius as well until mid-month. This is a lot of energy all in one house and the bigger planets and nodes have a big impact on our lives. Now the good news is that when Jupiter and Saturn are in the same house it does create a point of manifestation as Jupiter grants the opportunities and Saturn is the hard work and discipline to achieve them. This is true until January 23 when Saturn returns to its own sign of Capricorn for about a 2.5 year stay. With that said look below for your Ascendant or Moon sign (or both) to get a high level overview of what to expect this month.

Aries – This is a month where support or money could come quickly to you. You will feel more curious and find yourself digging deeper into matters that interest you. Your mind will be active and you will get insight if you take the time to listen. It is important to take the time needed to recharge and be mindful of not taking undue risks. Keep your anger in check and if you feel it coming out be cautious of what you say.

Taurus – This month is great for pursuing business transactions that you can complete in a quick and efficient manner. People who are not moving quickly will frustrate you so it is important for you to remember that patience is a virtue. If you let impatience take over you will find yourself in more disputes or conflicts. Pay extra attention to the details and get a second set of eyes to look at all contracts and agreements being initiated or signed this month.

Gemini – Take the initiative to improve yourself and work on healing your mind and body. Keep an eye out for aggression or conflict in the workplace which causes an unsettling feeling at the office. Steer clear of any gossip as it causes distrust. Take your time and avoid impulsive behavior which can lead to accidents that can be avoided. Be mindful of your spending to avoid running up debts you will regret in the future.

Cancer – This is a month to get out and have fun. Spend time with your children if you have them. It is a time to enjoy the company of friends. You will feel more attuned to little things and see things more clearly. Be sure to be honest and agreeable during this time and work to avoid arguments with your partner. Don’t make rash decisions until you have the time to cool down and really think things through.

Leo – This month your energy levels will be up. Be sure to maintain your responsibilities both at home and at work and if you’re studying, don’t let things slip through the cracks. There are more chances of arguments around the home so be sure to pick your battles wisely in order to maintain a calm environment. Be cautious of lit candles and fires around the house. If you are having car problems don’t put off the repairs or you may find yourself investing in a new car.

Virgo – Ambition and drive are high this month and promote a new level of expertise. Competition will be a driving force for improvement and discovering new ideas. It is an excellent month to exhibit your talents in writing, dancing, music or athletics. It is a good time to focus on selling and self- promotion. Communication is good this month but be sure not to express aggression in hurtful ways.

Libra – You will find your speech is more direct this month but be sure you are still being polite and diplomatic in your approach. This is a good time to make that visit to the dentist to maintain the health of your mouth. You will feel less like cooking which will cause bad habits to resurface – be mindful. Impulsive spending will not serve you well even though shopping will seem like a distraction from problems at home.

Scorpio – You are ambitious and are stimulated to accomplish many things. You will be able to accomplish things quickly but be sure to organize your energy as well as to complete what you start. Be sure to watch your temper and be patient. This month is one where you are more accident prone so be mindful. It is important with the extra energy that you remember to pace yourself so you don’t hit burnout.

Sagittarius – Keep your emotions and finances under control this month. If you have the ability to pay ahead on credit cards this will benefit you. Stick to your health regime but be patient and allow yourself time to heal. You will have more trouble sleeping or find it is more disturbed. At work, be cautious of who you share confidences with to avoid those trying to stab you in the back. Keep doors locked to avoid any theft – security systems are beneficial.

Capricorn – Opportunities will present themselves and cash flow will pick up. It is a good month to get out and socialize – try to make new friends. It is not a month to make loans to friends or siblings and be cautious of “get-rich-quick” schemes. Be alert of those pretending to be your friend and don’t go confiding your secrets with just anyone. Be cautious about what you say at work as backstabbing can destroy your career.

Aquarius – If you have been looking for a good time to ask for that promotion or raise this is your month. But, make sure to respect your boss and sense how they view the situation. Take action, promote yourself but don’t let your intellect get in the way of a good decision. Drive and ambition are high this month Take the time to plan your future career moves and options. Don’t lose sight of others at work, take them into consideration as well.

Pisces – This month you will feel luckier and more inspired. If others have been controlling your mind it is a good time to break away. It can be a good month for long distance travel but still take the normal travel precautions. Put in some time to learn something new or gather more knowledge in your area of expertise. You will feel that you are unable to trust your inner knowing, if you are able, put off major decisions until this feeling passes.

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