August 2019 Predictions

Look below for your Ascendant or Moon sign to see your August 2019 prediction.

A lot of energy will be in Cancer and Leo this month. By the middle of the month all three personal planets – Mercury, Venus and Mars – will be in Leo with the Sun. We may see things get more dramatic or more people trying to be self-assertive and moving towards action. Leo, a Fixed Fire sign whose ruling planet is the Sun is transiting the latter half of the month. It is important to remember that Saturn is still retrograde until September 8. Saturn already brings delays but retrograde can make them even worse. Work hard and really think through decisions.

Aries – If you have been feeling stressed it is time to let loose and enjoy the company of your friends. Inspiration can potentially come from siblings, as they encourage you to use your talents. You can get ideas from reading, writing or studies. It can be a good time to bring people together for book groups or other conversations that expand the mind. You will start to feel a little less reflective and things could start to go more as planned as Jupiter turns direct the middle of August. If you have been waiting on issues related to inheritances or money from others it is likely to begin to move more smoothly.

Taurus – This month can bring more action-oriented energy to the home. If you have had a to do list now is the time to get some stuff checked off. However, be careful with fire around the home – make sure candles and firepits are fully extinguished. This can be a good month for you to take a short trip. You will reap beneficial rewards from doing so. If your car has been giving you issues don’t delay in taking it to be fixed. You could find yourself and your spouse fighting more often but be sure you aren’t just picking a fight because you are feeling pent up energy. Burn the energy off with a run or the gym or some other activity.

Gemini – This month you will find yourself more ambitious and driven to learn new things that will take you to new levels of expertise in your field. The courage you need to make the next step is there this month – don’t waste this opportunity. It’s a good month for exercise so get out and hike that mountain or whatever exercise you choose. This can be a good time to spend money on learning something new, traveling or even a new computer if you’ve been saying you need one. Business and work will go well and short trips can actually benefit you.

Cancer – You will feel a desire to learn and grow through information presented to you. It’s a good time to take a class or learn a new skill but be sure that the budget allows it and that the skill or class will help you on the way to achieving your goals. Money will come in this month but it will be just as easy for you to spend it – helping it back out the door. It’s a good month for you to communicate with others and express yourself. However, be aware of the words you use and how the person you are talking to will receive them. Be sure to sit down and take the time to enjoy your meals in order to avoid digestive upset.

Leo – If you have been eyeing a foreign travel destination you are still in a perfect window to start planning it. Be sure you are getting out and about. Avoid isolation as it can breed a feeling of loneliness. This month will bring the drive and ambition to finally finish those projects you have had on hold, especially those around the house that may have seemed too much to overcome. Be careful of not rushing off without planning as you will feel more impulsive this month. A word of caution this month, you will find yourself more accident prone…breathe and use patience in all things.

Virgo – This month can make you feel like you are trying to balance both sides. On the one hand it will seem all friends are calling, being talkative and it’s a good time to connect to new groups of people. You will feel inspired and optimistic. On the other hand be careful about what you share in confidence, jealous co-workers could stab you in the back. It is a good month for you to focus on your health and avoid stress – slow down and really look at your priorities. Ask yourself: what truly needs to be done today and what is a self-imposed deadline bringing unneeded stress.

Libra – Your voice is important this month. Be sure to speak up in meetings. However, this is not the month to confide secrets in others especially at the office. Be wary of those pretending to be your friend especially if it seems “out of the blue” or off. You have the discipline to persevere at work which can bring financial gains. Stay adaptable and open. Be sure to stash some of the income in savings for a rainy day. This is a good month to work hard. Your mother’s health could need some looking after, so don’t avoid checking in with her and seeing how she is doing.

Scorpio – Your drive and ambition in your career are high this month with the potential to attract a promotion or new position. This does not mean going around your boss to get your way, as this will actually set you back. Remember to take into consideration your co-workers and be sure to use good judgment. Remember to listen, as everyone we meet can teach us something in life. Maintaining an open mind can be the key for opening you to new possibilities and opportunities.

Sagittarius – This can be a good month to end, break away from and release those that you feel have been controlling you or invading your thoughts in a negative way. Trust what your heart and gut are telling you, they will guide you down your right path. You’re in a good time period of discipline as it relates to working hard at work or focusing on hitting your goals whether health or other life goals. New information and ideas can come from conversations with others that may shine a light on a previously dark area.

Capricorn – Have you been saying to yourself, “man I need to cleanse my body” – well good news, this is the month for you to do that. Health is the main focus this month for you. Health issues may come to your attention and it’s important to go get a checkup if you haven’t recently. With some heavy energy it will be more important than ever to get in a good laugh as laughter can be therapeutic. Be sure to reach out and include others in plans as they will reciprocate in the offerings.

Aquarius – This month you can find your normal routine interrupted by travel for work. It is important to maintain open lines of communication at work and especially with your partner. There will be more tension in relationships and it could feel like your very essence is being attacked. Going on the defensive will only make matters worse. Be sure to think through your words before just blurting them out. Time will cool down any anger and frustrations. You are in a period of transformation and some chapters may be ending. It’s ok if they are.

Pisces – Work can feel like a roller coaster this month with tensions running high. It will be a lot of hard work with potential for delays and setbacks. Stress levels are higher than normal. It’s a good month to get to the gym or outside to exercise, whatever will help lower your stress levels and help you maintain your health. Don’t get pulled in to any workplace gossip or drama. Opportunities to write an article or book come from the mind which is full of ideas and creativity just looking to jump out. Take advantage of this.

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