July 2021 at a Glance

Look below for your Ascendant or Moon sign to see your July 2021 prediction.

*Note I use the Vedic Sidereal system of Astrology.

Just like that we are half way done with 2021. The year is just flying by! Mercury is moving direct again so do a small happy dance. Jupiter and Saturn are both retrograde now. This is a time to go within and reflect and reassess. Jupiter retrograde is a time when our beliefs, ideas and the things we thought we knew come under scrutiny. It encourages us to take an honest look and re-evaluate. It can even lead us to changing the way we have been choosing to see things. It can be a great time to open your mind and work to see things from many different perspectives. Saturn retrograde can cause delays and setbacks especially as related to businesses and the government, as it is retrograde in Capricorn. I really encourage everyone during these two retrogrades to go with the flow and not rush into decisions. Understand things may come to light in a different way.

Aries – Get out your pen and write down that to do list that has been taking up space in your mind. It can be of great value to be able to physically see it. You can receive good news this month. Spend some time journaling to reflect during Jupiter and Saturn retrograde. There can be some lingering tension around the home this month. Ensure that you take the time to clear the air. You may be inspired to decorate, remodel or renovate your home.

Taurus – You can find this a good month to spend money on learning, classes, computers or travel (as safe). Checking in on your budget will allow you to have a clear perspective of what can be afforded and where to save. Remember to stay calm during your communications as getting heated will get you nowhere. You can find comfort in using your hands this month whether it be woodworking, gardening or any other hobby that uses your hands.

Gemini – You have good communication abilities this month but will need to take the time to think before speaking. Ensure you are clear in expressing your desires so that you receive the desired result. It can be a great time to take a class or learn a new skill. You will receive information this month that activates a desire to learn and grow. If you have been putting off dental work it can be a good time to go ahead and get it done.

Cancer – While you continue to have more energy and ambition to accomplish your goals you are also more accident prone this month. Take the time to slow down. You can find a greater desire to enjoy concerts, movies and museums this month. Old friends could call out of the blue, so take the time to catch up. It is a good time to work on healing old hurts and healing from the past to be able to move into the future. Be sure to not act on impulse but count to ten or sleep on it.

Leo – You will find yourself more content this month which allows you to begin manifesting dreams for your future. You can find yourself sleeping better this month then last but still, some days you may wake up feeling tired. Get into a good routine of ensuring that all your doors are locked and your house is secured to avoid any problems. Your friends will share interesting news with you either in person or talking for hours on the phone. It’s a good month to connect with people who have new thoughts and ideas to inspire you.

Virgo – You can see financial gains this month that come from recent career success. Don’t miss out on reaping the rewards from recent business transactions. There can be people who pretend to be your friends but don’t have your best interest at heart – be mindful and alert. Meetings are necessary to open new lines of communication at work. Take notes while developing plans and ideas as they will come to fruition.

Libra – Learning new information or traveling can open your eyes to new information that creates change in your life. It can be a good month to focus on self-improvement and renewal creating an open environment for healing and progress. Business can change creating a fresh positive perspective that allows you to move to new heights. Keep in mind it is important to show your boss respect this month so as not to ruffle any feathers.

Scorpio – Your mind is open to a new way of thinking that will open your heart and soul. Go with the flow of new thoughts and ideas that will offer you a new found sense of freedom. You have an incredible ability to dig deeper into research this month. Staying on top of the news and what others are talking about will lead you in the right direction. Keep an open mind and heart when listening to what is said so you don’t miss out on new information.

Sagittarius – Communications and agreements for future plans are made with your partners but there can be disappointments in the relationship as well. There can be a feeling of mistrust that comes from a fear of betrayal. Money can come to you in an unexpected way, be open and receptive. Take the time to find the humorous side of life. Get in a good laugh with friends or family or find jokes to make yourself laugh as laughter can be very healing.

Capricorn – This can be a good month to put yourself out there at work. You are more likely to be noticed by your boss for the work that is being done. Getting into arguments with your partner can lead to no good. Maintain your calm and the situation will have a better outcome once they have time to cool down. There is an intense need to communicate as it relates to work this month.

Aquarius – You can find yourself having a project that requires a different perspective and a little creative genius in order to get it done. Work will be easier this month as you have the support of others. Eating healthy and avoiding sweets will help to improve your health this month. Pets can be a source of comfort. Ensure you write down ideas as they come to you as you will later be able to use these in your favor.

Pisces – You can find yourself drawn to expressing yourself and your creativity this month. Keeping a positive attitude towards relationships will help attract a potential date or reattract your partner. You can find that you have to bring work home or that you are spending more time while at home learning and improving your skills. It can be a good month to let loose and have a little fun with friends.

These are broad high-level descriptions. As always talking with a professional astrologer is key especially as now more than ever our personal birth plans are important. Curious as to what the true specific personal impact may be for you? Schedule your personal birth chart reading or your update reading with me go to www.elizabethweihmiller.com/contact

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