Lilibet Diana Mountbatten-Windsor

Lilibet Diana Mountbatten-Windsor was born on June 4, 2021 at 11:40am in Santa Barbara, California. Her nickname is Lili. She is the second child of Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex and Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex. She has an older brother, Archie Harrison. While we have not seen how the planets will play out in her life, I thought it would be interesting to look at what might unfold over the years and the type of person she may be. I did this with her brother Archie at the time of his birth as well.

Let’s dive into the planets.

Her Ascendant is in Leo which makes this her first house. It is in the lunar mansion of Magha, which is the lunar mansion known for Kings. She will likely be someone who is positive and balanced and has a great deal of self-respect. But she will also expect respect from others. She will be someone who is likely to honor traditions and will do better when she is praised. She can have leadership abilities and hold leadership roles. She will have a generous heart and deep loyalty but will need to be aware that she could come across as arrogant. She may also be overly demanding at times. The ruler of her first house is the Sun which goes to her tenth house of career. She will be very career driven and that will be how she defines herself. She may not work well under others and will do better having her own company. She will need to be mindful of her reputation as it could be prone to being harmed by an unfortunate event. Her Sun is in the lunar mansion of Rohini. This will make her very charismatic, a good communicator and listener. She will have a strong inner strength oriented to sharing the truth. She will be a lifelong learner who has a desire to help others grow. She will need to be aware that she could be overly analytical and may be viewed by others as deceptive or as a manipulator. She will likely appreciate the finer things in life as well as luxury, art and music but she needs to not focus purely on the material. She has the ability to rise to the top of her chosen career and achieve her desires.

In her fourth house, Scorpio, is the node of the Moon, Ketu. Ketu in the fourth can give her a feeling of loss around the home, her family and mother. She may constantly seek a sense of security through family and home but never feel complete in this area. She may have a desire to move constantly thinking that that will solve the unsettled feeling. She will likely choose to go down a unique path and may decide to get an education in unusual subjects. There can be a chance of early separation from her mother and when she gets to driving age, she will need to be mindful as she can be prone to accidents. She should learn to enjoy the here and now. She will be very quick minded and have the ability to take fast action. She will likely be very intuitive and may enjoy researching and uncovering mysteries. Mars rules her fourth house and goes to her twelfth house. This can indicate a great loss for her Mother as she could have had to move far from home or leave everything behind. Lili may live in a foreign country at some point in her life, it could be a short-term experience or she may choose to make it permanent. She is someone who may feel more at home in foreign countries or living in quiet and more isolated areas. She is likely not to have the best night’s sleep throughout life. Ketu is in the lunar mansion of Anuradha. This could make her fun-loving, attractive and popular. She will likely seek spirituality and be interested in ancient knowledge. She may enjoy having a social life and working with organizations. She will be someone who will benefit more if she lives away from her place of birth. She will likely have an interest in the mystical and may even enjoy astrology. She may have a harder relationship with her mother. She can get very focused on her goals with great leadership skills.

In her sixth house, Capricorn, is Saturn. Saturn is retrograde at the time of her birth. With this retrograde she may be someone who can become very self-isolating and even anti-social at times. She may feel like she is alone and that no one understands her. She can have a fear of rejection but will act as if she couldn’t care less, rejecting others before they can reject her. This will let up as she matures and ages but she will need to sometimes force herself out with friends. She will be hardworking and responsible. She can find success through working with a schedule and budget. She will have the ability to work or be alone as required. She will have a strong work ethic and morals. There can be problems with employees or co-workers that have no sense of responsibility. She will be someone who will pay attention health matters and they will be an essential part of daily life, whether it be exercising or eating healthy. She may do work that involves animals. There could be a disconnection or isolation from relatives. Saturn is in its own house and sign indicates that Lili can have a strong physical constitution and an interest in health and healing. Her work may involve long hours and discipline. She will be in a job of service. With her desire to be of service she will need to ensure she takes care of herself and doesn’t get run down from constantly being “on the go”. Saturn is in the lunar mansion of Shravana indicating that she will likely seek out knowledge and information and could be very intellectual. She will have the ability to truly listen and will gain more of a sense of self confidence as she gets older. She may be drawn to working for social or humanitarian causes. She is likely to have a good marriage and helpful partner.

In her seventh house, Aquarius, is Jupiter. This indicates that she could have a partner who is a powerful leader or a teacher. Her spouse may be very complex and require a lot of attention. She will gain respect from being successful and powerful in business. Children will play an important role in her marriage. She has an artistic capacity. She could be prone at times to a desire for wealth without putting in as much effort. She will be organized and caring, working hard for the good of all. She will have the capacity to be diplomatic and will be self-sufficient. She can be self-isolating so she will need to be aware and watch this to avoid going into a state of depression. Jupiter rules her fifth house and being in the seventh house indicates that children will be very important. Her spouse may be very talented and successful with many friends and associations. She can be a smart businesswoman, forming good busines contracts and agreements. Saturn rules the seventh house and is in the sixth house indicating there could be some struggles and conflict in her relationships and marriage. She will need to put in the hard work to improve her relationships. Jupiter is in the lunar mansion of Shatabhishak. She or her spouse may be very concerned with healing the human condition both spiritually and physically. She may be mystical, a healer or doctor. She could be prone to being moody, lonely and depressed. She will need to be aware that when she has an opinion, she can get stubborn and may think she knows it all and is above others. She will need to be cautious not to overdrink or become dependent on alcohol or drugs. She can have an affinity for star gazing.

In her eighth house, Pisces, is the Moon. An eighth house Moon can be hard. She can be a researcher and curious about the unknown. She can be generous and may be shy early in her life. There could be a hard relationship with her mother and early childhood could be harder due to her mother’s issues. She will have the ability to feel and comprehend very deeply. She will be spiritual and intuitive. She will likely have a strong need to believe in something or someone. She may be idealistic and visionary but also could be gullible so she will need to do her research. Here she will have to ensure she takes care of her own emotional needs as she can be overdrawn emotionally and burn herself out. Jupiter rules the eighth house and is in the seventh. This indicates that while there are some positive hits for relationships that they could also be a difficult issue in her life. She may never know who she can fully trust. She should not loan money to others as they likely won’t pay it back. Moon rules her twelfth house and is in the eighth indicating that she may be involved in something related to medicine or the affairs of older people and end of life issues. She can get an inheritance or some other unexpected or unearned income at some point in her life. She can be very intuitive and insightful. She will have a deep spiritual awareness and may have psychic abilities. Her Moon is in the lunar mansion of Revati. This will make her a sweet, caring and responsible friend. She will have an affinity for small animals and love connecting to humanity and society. There could be disappointments in her early life that help to shape her into who she will become. She may benefit from living by the water and have a love of the fine arts.

In her tenth house, Taurus, are Sun, Mercury and the other node of the Moon, Rahu. Sun in the tenth is the best placement for it and indicates a sense of power from her career and good career opportunities. She will have trouble working for others or taking orders and would be better as her own boss. She can have a strong self-esteem and confidence. This can bring problems with her mother. She has the ability to weigh what she says and consider options before acting. She may be overly cautious at times. Mercury in the tenth can indicate a career in communications. Traveling may be a part of her work. Her father can have a great sense of humor. She may pursue a career that is mind oriented such as writing, speaking, counseling or teaching. She can be good at reading, writing and speaking with a playful sense of humor. She can have decided opinions and be stubborn about taking advice. She has the ability to arrive at conclusions without seeming to go through the more observable steps of logic and reason with Mercury being retrograde at her birth. Rahu in the tenth will give a drive and power that can bring success quickly but there could be consequences along the way. Success could come from an unusual career. The message in her childhood may be that she is nothing without money and dedication to hard work are the only ways for her to achieve self-respect and self-worth. She could live in the shadows of others’ reputations. She may at times be confused about her life purpose. She may revel in solving puzzles or taking on a challenge and can enjoy an unconventional approach.

Mercury rules her second house and being in the tenth indicates that she will make her money through her chosen career. She can have a position of control and leadership in business and may even be the spokesperson for a company. She will earn through her own initiative. She may use her voice to influence other but a lack of self-promotion will hinder advancement in her career. Mercury also rules her eleventh house and being in the tenth indicates that friends will be an important part of her life but could be disappointing at times and not around when she needs them or they may not follow through on promises. She can have influential friends who offer support but she needs to know what they will very likely have ulterior motives. Mercury is in the lunar mansion of Mrigashira which can leave her constantly searching or looking for something. She may always be traveling or collecting. She can love shopping and finding that special deal. She is mentally sharp, creative and sensitive. She will need plenty of exercise and fresh, open air to stay balanced.

In her eleventh house, Gemini, is Venus. Her father may be helpful throughout her life. For her, grace and charm will come naturally. She will be friendly, charming and fun-loving with a love of learning and art. She may be someone who marries later in life or more than once. Venus rules the tenth house and is in the eleventh indicating that she will know very influential people from work who can give her opportunities and support. She can get wealth from her career. Social events will be a way for her to make connections and she will work with people of renown. Venus rules her third house and, in the eleventh, indicates that putting in effort will lead to more opportunities. She will get benefits from artistic pursuits like writing, acting and music. She will need to be mindful of her money management and keep to a budget. Venus is in the lunar mansion of Ardra. This can give her a good memory. She may come across as arrogant and can be stubborn and critical. She may sometimes create havoc where she goes and end up destroying herself but she will be great at creating things out of the destruction. Developing a sense of gratitude and appreciation will help to heal wounds from her past. Mercury and Venus are in a Parivartana yoga, meaning they are in each other’s signs of rulership. This can make them stronger as when planets transit over one it will activate the other planet.

In her twelfth house, Cancer, is Mars. Mars is at its weakest state in Cancer. She may have a repressed and deep ingrained anger with passive aggressive tendencies. She will need to make sure that she speaks up respectfully and doesn’t let the anger get the better of her by holding on to it. She may have a fascination with the ocean or astronomy. She can be a healer or doctor. She will need to be mindful of keeping her house and belongings secure, having a security system will be a smart idea. She benefits through travel and will rejuvenate through solitude. She will want to help those she loves. She has an independent side. She may have issues with her teeth so she should ensure trips to the dentist. She may have a deep spiritual yearning that drives her to travel to many places. She could end up with a more strained relationship with her father at some point. Mars is in the lunar mansion of Punarvasu. She has an ability to bounce back whenever she is down. She will have limitless inner resources and no boundaries as to what she can accomplish. She will have a love of travel but will desire a home base and family to come back to.

It will be fascinating to watch as Lili grows and we see where life takes her and what she makes of her life.

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