Conor McGregor

Conor McGregor was born July 14, 1988 at 1:30am in Dublin, Ireland. He is a mixed martial artist, boxer and businessman. He was ranked the world’s highest paid athletes by Forbes in 2021. He earned a reported $180 million. He has three kids with his fiancé Dee Devlin. They have been together since 2008. He has multiple business ventures and numerous endorsement deals. He lost his most recent fight due to a broken left leg when his foot got trapped under himself.

Let’s take a look at his chart.

His Ascendant is in Aries. This can make for someone who is very ambitious and passionate. Aries is ruled by Mars which can make someone more aggressive and at times angry. His ascendant and Jupiter are in the lunar mansion of Krittika. This makes him someone who is very determined and tenacious with a will to achieve and proud. He can have a fast metabolism. He can be stubborn. He is someone who takes pride in what he does. He responds strongly to challenges. He can at times set his expectations and goals too high. He can be prone to burning out his health by pushing too hard and not taking the time to recoup and refresh. Krittika can indicate someone who rises to places of fame and prominence. The ruler of his first house is Mars and goes to his twelfth house indicating someone who needs privacy and solitude to regain and build balance. He can be prone to problems with his feet. He could at times be disconnected from the world. He may have been shy and more reserved as a child not coming into his own until he was older.

In his second house, Taurus, are Jupiter and Venus. Venus is in its own sign of Taurus making it feel more at home. Venus being in the second house in its own sign indicates Conor’s ability to acquire massive amounts of wealth. Financial security for him can give a sense of comfort and relaxation. He needs to be aware of his sugar intake as it could indicate issues for his digestion if he eats too many sweets. He can have strong vision. He can be a persuasive speaker and socially adept. He will live around well-placed people and circumstances. He will be honored and respected. Jupiter in the second house can indicate that Conor can use his voice to direct and dictate opportunities in his life. There could have been extremes of chaos in childhood but overall, he would have had a good childhood. He likely learned the value of money from an early age. He can be humorous, friendly and polite. He can be knowledgeable and drawn to humanitarian and philosophic causes. He can have a tendency to overspend on pleasures and comfort so will need to watch for not spending before money comes in. Jupiter and Venus being conjunct indicates that a good routine and discipline will be very beneficial for him throughout his life.

Venus as ruler of the second house in the second house indicates his ability to make money through his career and profession. He can have a position of control and leadership in business. He can be a spokesperson for businesses. Through his own initiative and reputation, he will earn his income. Venus also rules the seventh house and being in the second indicates that money can come through business agreements and partnerships. His voice can be loud and strong. There is potential for him to go into periods of depression so he will need to be mindful of this. Jupiter as ruler of the ninth and twelfth houses can indicate that he is someone who will be direct and truthful in his speech. He will not like those that are untruthful. He has the ability to make money more easily than most, accumulating a good fortune over time. He is charismatic. He could be overly optimistic with his concepts around his financials which could lose him money at times. There could have been parts of his childhood that were more difficult that led to him having some insecurities. He can have a temperamental personality which can cause others to be more distant at times. He can have problems with his teeth. He can make money in foreign countries or from foreigners. Venus is in the lunar mansion of Rohini indicating that he can be a good communicator and be charismatic. He has an inner strength and sharp mind. He is someone who will earn a good living throughout his life.

In his third house, Gemini, are Mercury, Sun and the Moon. Mercury in the third house indicates that traveling will be a part of his work, keeping him on the road. He can be extremely convincing and make a great sales person. He can be a worrier. He can have good earning ability. He can be restless. He is someone who is very clever, inventive and resourceful. Sun in the third house indicates highly developed communication skills that are an important part of his life. He can have the creative gift of being able to use his hands. He is adventurous, determined and ambitious. He can be a spokesperson and may one day find himself as a writer. He is someone who is drawn to expressive arts. He can eventually have issues relating to his hands, shoulders or neck. Moon in the third house indicates that traveling will be a major part of his life. He has an adaptability to move along with new trends. He is likely to have sisters. He is not someone who thinks about defeat. To others he can appear superficial because of his quickness of thought. He is very bright. He can be overly flirtatious whether he realizes it or not.

Mercury rules the third house and sixth house. For him competition inspires his drive and ambition. He may eventually go into teaching others. He is a quick learner and can be athletic. He may have a love of reading and learning. This indicates he is very determined and courageous. He will seek out adventure. He can succeed through effort alone. He can be impatient and he will need to put a lot of effort in to improve and maintain his health. He has a strong drive to overcome obstacles. The Moon rules the fourth house and in the third house indicates that his home was likely uprooted and he may have changed schools a few times. He has the potential to worry himself sick so will need to be mindful to take the time to relax.

Mercury is in the lunar mansion of Ardra. This can make him quick acting and stubborn. He can come across as arrogant. There can be the potential for career ups and downs. This can indicate someone who can create havoc where they go, sometimes even to the point of destroying themselves but they are amazing at creating things out of the destruction. He gets true satisfaction through overcoming hardships. It can indicate that there will be health issues that bring pain and sorrow as well with the right transits. Sun and the Moon are in Punarvasu. This indicates him as someone who lives in the moment and has the ability to bounce back after hitting walls or facing hardships. He can have a love of travel but will always want a home base to come back to. He is someone who will have multiple jobs or careers throughout his life.

In his fifth house, Leo, is the node of the Moon, Ketu. He has a profound understanding and compassion. His mind can be plagued by obsessive ideas and could end up getting consumed by conspiracy and paranoid ideas. He can have an enjoyment for unusual amusements. He could at some point have issues with authorities especially regarding taxes. He is someone who is spiritually advanced. He is able to make quick changes in his life. There can be many surprises or sudden changes in his life. He needs to be mindful of his blood pressure as it could be low or unusual. Ketu is in the lunar mansion Purva Phalguni indicating his ability to communicate and influence others. He is loyal and enjoys giving. He can at times be reckless and too focused on himself and getting his own way. He needs to ensure he doesn’t build up debt. He needs to watch out for extremes. The ruler of the fifth house, the Sun, is in his third house. This indicates that creativity is a major aspect of his life. He is someone who has a strong need to express himself. He can benefit from writing, sports and entertainment.

In his ninth house, Sagittarius, is Saturn. This indicates that he can be very dutiful with a sense of fairness. He will have structured and progressive growth. He can be slow to trust. This could indicate issues with his hip joints. His father may have been stricter and controlling with many rules that needed to be followed. He can be very observant and an organized planner. At the time of his birth Saturn was retrograde. This can indicate that he at times feels alone and like no one understands him. He can be afraid of rejection and act as if he couldn’t care less or reject others before it can happen to him. He can be withdrawn at times. This feeling will begin to let up as he gets older. Saturn rules his tenth house of career and in the ninth house can indicate a career that involves travel. Saturn is within a degree of Uranus indicating a career that is more unusual and unexpected. Saturn is in the lunar mansion of Mula which gives him a very passionate nature. He can be good at research. He could at times feel bound and trapped by circumstances and could end up blaming others or his environment. He can have a sharpness to him. He can have an interest in alternative medicines for healing. He is someone who is determined to succeed. He can come across as arrogant and may at times become too goal focused.

In his eleventh house, Aquarius, is the other node of the Moon, Rahu. Rahu in the eleventh house can indicate that many influential and powerful individuals will provide him with opportunities – all his for the asking. He should not have financial dealings with his friends as it will lead to a poor outcome. He can get unusual opportunities and be inspiring in a peculiar way. There can be issues with his ears and teeth. He has the creative capacity to fulfill his dreams. He associates and makes friends with people from all backgrounds and countries. He can think of unusual ways to make things work. He needs to be cautious as he can be taken advantage of by others. He can have a tendency to self-isolate. There can be problems with his feet. Saturn is the ruler of his eleventh house and goes to his ninth house. This indicates that his father could have had a difficult past. He likely had a teacher that inspired him to greatness. He can spend too much time traveling. Rahu is in the lunar mansion of Purva Bhadrapada. This indicates that he has good logical skills and an ability to make money through cleverness. He can be very good at “reading” people. He can be passionate. He needs to be cautious of accidents and injuries. He has the ability to sway the masses through his speaking ability.

In his twelfth house, Pisces, is Mars. Mars here can indicate the ability to have fast gains of wealth. He is a positive goal setter and excited about life. He knows what he wants. He can have a broken education having never completed college. He can have a repressed and deep ingrained anger that he needs to work through. He can have passive aggressive tendencies that create more problems. He can be prone to periods of confinement or hospitalization. He may have a fascination with astronomy or a desire to explore inner worlds and frontiers. This placement can indicate fractures and inflammatory illnesses. Mars is in the lunar mansion Uttara Bhadrapada. This indicates a discipline with his speaking and writing. He has the capacity to be able to control his anger and aggression. He is generous and can be self-sacrificing. He is very protective of his loved ones. He can have a love of solitude and seclusion. He can have good problem-solving ability and has the ability to make money on his own. He has to be cautious not to develop long-term enemies. Mars rules the eighth house and in the twelfth indicates that gains can come after problems and losses. Traveling to foreign countries is a part of self-discovery. He may spend long periods in seclusion and places of solitude. He can have the potential to spend time in hospitals. He can be prone to sleep disorders.

Let’s take a look at the transits on the day he broke his left leg and what triggered this gruesome injury. He is currently in his Mercury maha dasha and Mars sub-dasha. This brings the energy of the sixth house of health to the forefront as well as the energy of the twelfth house of confinement. Mercury is in the lunar mansion of Ardra which has the symbol of a tear drop. Transiting Saturn is in his tenth house of career and was retrograde. This can indicate a period of setbacks and delays as it relates to his career. It also was sending its energy to his twelfth house and natal Mars. Saturn is an indicator of our bones and sending its energy to Mars the indicator of accidents could indicate the possibility to break a bone. Also, at this time transiting Mars was at its weakest state in Cancer giving a lack of energy and opening him up for more injuries as his chart is ruled by Mars. Transiting Ketu was also sending its energy to his twelfth house indicating a loss or potential for a fracture. Remember the twelfth house can be confinement and hospitalization among other indicators. With it receiving energy from malefic planets can indicate the potential for a problem. Since Mars rules his first house of who he is this make it even stronger. Mars does create a yoga known as a Vipareeta raja yoga. When triggered this can cause an unexpected rise in life due to an unfortunate event or problem.

There is no doubt in my mind that he will recover and that he will turn this gruesome injury into something even more powerful. Whether he returns to MMA stronger than ever or if while he is recovering from his surgeries to fix his leg he is led down a whole new path. It will be interesting to watch and see what unfolds for Conor as he has many gifts and talents.

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