June 2019 Predictions

Either use your Ascendant or your sun sign or moon sign. 

Aries – Now’s the time to write that list of things to do or accomplish because this month is one where you will gain great value from it. Short trips will be advantageous to you. Financial matters are on an uptick for you with some luck and prosperity. This month is a good time to buy electronics such as phones or that new computer you’ve been putting off. This will be a great month for communication for you so don’t wait to speak up. If you have been putting off any dental work get it done this month.

Taurus – This is not the month to be a shopaholic. Take the time to budget and look at where your finances truly are – be honest with yourself. However, this can be a good time to invest in that class you’ve been interested in to advance your career. Make sure you have those honest conversations and set clear expectations when it comes to love and money. You will feel a pull to buy new clothes and work on your style but be sure your budget truly allows it. You will find people are more attracted to you this month approaching you more openly.

Gemini – You have a strong voice this month – be sure to use your verbal proficiency for good. You need to express yourself and communicate your ideas with others. You are content with your life and good things will start to manifest. This is a great month to travel to the foreign country that has been on your bucket list or you may already have the airline ticket booked for this month! This is a month to catch up with some restful sleep to allow your body and mind to refresh.

Cancer – You will begin thinking of the next foreign destination you want to travel to and could even begin making solid plans. If you have been fighting with deep down feelings this is a great month to begin a journal to let them all out and begin working through them. Friendships are important so call that friend who you haven’t spoken to in ages or maybe you’ll find the phone ringing and them on the other end. You could meet new friends through parties or events so get out there and be social this month – you never know who you will meet!

Leo – This month make sure to maintain an optimistic outlook for that is where you will get new gains. It will serve you well to talk with the younger generation and to truly listen to them as they are the wave of the future. Pay attention to any and all messages you receive. You will find an unexpected change at work or in your business comes from a new positive perspective. This is a good month to use your creative side at work or in your business. Be open to invitations that come your way.

Virgo – Stay flexible, adaptable and open for during this month ideas expressed can become a reality. When in meetings be sure to be fully present with your listening ears open. Meetings and conferences are necessary to open new lines of communication for you. You will find yourself thinking in new ways which will open your heart and soul. This is a good month to work on clearing fears of the past as they can be easily dissolved to make way for a life of adventure. Be sure you are living a life of authenticity to who you truly are at a soul level.

Libra – Clear your mind for this month is all about learning and traveling. You may find yourself learning from an unexpected teacher but truly listen. Maintain an open mind for that is when new opportunities and possibilities arise. This will be a hard month for love. Don’t make any rash decisions but take the time to open the communication channels and renegotiate decisions. You will find that a lack of commitment and high expectations lead to disappointment. Be sure you are basing your expectations in reality.

Scorpio – Be open to new ideas that can come in the form of conversations with others. These conversations will provide enlightening information that you will not receive in any other form. Use the power of research to stay on top of the news and what others seem to be talking about -this can lead you to ah-has. This is a month to be sure that not only are you giving love to the world but also be open to receiving it. Be open to invitations that come your way but also initiate invitations of your own.

Sagittarius – Make sure you get some good laughs in this month they can be very healing – go to a comedy club or hang out with that friend that always has your sides hurting with a good laugh. You will find yourself talking about or agreeing to future plans with your partner. This is a good time to change to the healthy foods that provide your body nourishment – avoid the sweet stuff. You will find comfort can come from a pet. At work you have the support of well-intentioned people.

Capricorn – You could find yourself traveling for work this month. There is a big need for communication with others. Think through your thoughts before sharing the words. It can be beneficial to write down your thoughts. If you have been wondering when the right time was to jump back in to a new romance this is the month or it’s a great time to go back to where your relationship blossomed and remember those feelings and reignite any stale energy. Go to the theater, a museum, a concert, or take a dance class – get out and do something artistic and creative.

Aquarius – New information is coming to you and it’s a great time to write an article or begin the book you’ve always wanted to write. It’s important to get those new ideas down on paper before they flutter back out as quickly as they came in. Find a way to spend some time relaxing whether it be gardening or just being in nature. This can be a good month for you to buy a new car if that is something that is needed. You can find your creativity at a peak during this month, paint a room or shift the layout of a room for a new vibe.

Pisces – This is a great month to spend time with family or reconnect with them if it has been awhile. There can be gatherings at your home of friends, conversation or even teaching. This month is good for finding new hobbies using your hands. You can receive happy news that has been patiently awaited. If you’re feeling it’s time for a short vacation or staycation now is the perfect time to do this, bringing with it a sense of peace and relaxation.

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