Tambo Del Inca Experience

I’m not one to share very personal information or even much about my feelings or who I am. It is usually all very superficial unless you’re one of the few who manages to break through and truly listen and observe my actions.

Tambo Del Inca resort. We arrived. I had been fighting a mild headache all day and an upset stomach, but I survived! Upon entering the room, I had a rush of emotion. I headed down to sit by the gorgeous pool looking up at part of the Andes mountains, and I just felt these shivers through my whole body. It’s wasn’t like the past life experiences I’ve had in the Vatican, Pompeii, and Berlin but almost a calming feeling as if I’ve been here before and felt these positive energies before.

And then another wave of emotion washed over me. Clearly, I have been hanging on to a lot of feelings for the past 29 years, always trying to be the strong one through my parent’s divorce, to my stepdad’s death, to making sure I am always there for my friends in their times of need, to the heartbreaks including the hardest most recent one. Through the joys of graduation, both high school, and college. To starting a career and adopting my puppy girl Mystic.

Through the good and the bad I take in all the emotions, and they are all finally beginning to release. I finally hit my breaking point right before this trip, and my body and the energy of this place was finally like ENOUGH. Releasing for what purpose I have yet to discover as of now but I can guess the breaking point is to help me move ahead to the next step of my life and to help others and to share my gifts and experience. As I write down thoughts and feelings, those same chills run through my body like an energy field. Sometimes you just need to let the emotion wash over you and accept it and see where it leads you.

We all have different life paths and varied experiences in our lives and that, that is done on purpose by the universe, the stars, and the planets. It’s been fascinating as I toured Lima, Peru they talked about how in their culture it was all about the stars and a higher power they would pray to for good crops and beneficial weather and protection. They used the stars to predict trends and based on how they moved could predict some of what the year would bring based on past cycles. This, this is powerful to me, and it’s what we today call astrology. Of course, we now bring in the planets, and everyone starts at different points in the cycle which is why we see the different experiences. Some are not meant to travel during their lives; some are meant to travel all over; some are meant to live abroad, some are meant to marry foreign. We all have our different paths, and it’s finding your path. Once found that is when life really comes alive.

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