June 2021 at a Glance

Look below for your Ascendant or Moon sign to see your June 2021 prediction.

Just like that we are entering the month of June. Mars is moving into Cancer on June 1. It will stay here until July 20. Mars is at its weakest state in Cancer. But this is still a time when we can see emotions that are a little more inconsistent. It can be a time that is more accident prone. This will be even more true depending on what house this is for you personally. Mercury is retrograde until it stations to turn direct on June 22. The few days around Mercury’s station are the most intense energy where you may see delays in communication or related to transportation. Jupiter will be stationing to turn retrograde on June 20. Jupiter will be retrograde until October 18. Retrogrades can make it seem like things are getting delayed or setback and obstacles are coming up, especially when both Saturn and Jupiter are retrograde. As mentioned last month, Saturn went retrograde on May 23 and will be retrograde for the next few months.

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Aries – This can be a great month to make sure that your home has a positive flow of energy and that there is nothing that is stagnating that energy. It will be important to maintain your responsibilities to family, work and any education you may be doing. There can be some tension around your home with arguments and disagreements. Step back and wait until tensions have calmed before having the conversation. Get your car checked out to avoid any expensive problems later.

Taurus – This can be a great month to start working out as your physical strength is higher. Let your inner child out to play and enjoy the most of life. Use this as a time to express yourself through music, dance, writing, art or athletics. It is important to stay calm during your communications. Be the voice of calm and reason but don’t “hog” attention. If you have siblings don’t pick fights with them this month.

Gemini – You will be more direct this month which brings with it the need to watch what you say. Being more direct can be beneficial but can also get you into trouble if you don’t take the time to think through what you are saying. Be mindful of your spending as money can go out as quickly as it comes in. It will be important to take the time to sit down and enjoy your meals in order to avoid digestive upsets.

Cancer – You will have more ambition and energy to accomplish your goals and to tackle things on your to do list that may have been hanging over your head. You have the ability to complete things more efficiently this month. Be sure to take advantage of this opportunity. While you are able to do things more quickly this can also make you more accident prone so just be mindful. It is important to watch your temper and take a breath before reacting on impulse. Count to ten or take the night to sleep on it.

Leo – Make sure that you keep your home protected this month. Double check that all the doors are locked and windows closed before leaving the house. It can be a good month to pay ahead on your credit cards to get in front of any potential debt. Take the time to look over your finances and reassess your budget as needed. This is especially important if you have not checked in on them in a while. Your sleep is more disturbed this month leaving you waking up feeling more tired. Rest assured it is a passing influence unless your natal chart says otherwise.

Virgo – This month may see your cash flow increase as opportunities present themselves to you. As it is safe and as you feel comfortable, get out and socialize with your friends. It will be important to watch your back as there can be people who pretend to be your friend that do not have your best interest at heart. Avoid “get rich quick” schemes and don’t loan any money to friends unless you are ok if you never get it repaid.

Libra – This is a good month to promote yourself. It may be making it known about the projects you have accomplished at work or a project you are working on. Take action this month. Don’t overthink decisions to the point of missing out on opportunities. It is important to remember to respect your boss. It can be a good month to consider your career path and what you see as your next steps. Make a plan and start implementing it.

Scorpio – This is a lucky month for you! You will feel more inspired but at the same time may feel that you cannot trust your inner knowing. It is important to remember to trust your heart and gut. It is a month to break the links to those who are controlling you or trying to control you and tell you how to live your life. Authority figures will come across as demanding your attention and respect but be aware their motivations may be unclear or hidden.

Sagittarius – Support can come quickly this month whether it be help from others or money. Your curiosity about a topic may lead you to dig deeper and learn more. Your mind is full of ideas and insights. Be sure to write them down and not let them pass you by. You will feel more worried and vulnerable during the month but this will pass. Check in on your health as health issues may surface this month and it is good to catch them early.

Capricorn – Passion will be higher between you and your partner during this month. Be mindful that if it feels like your partner is attacking your character that you let them release steam as they are likely projecting anger at others on you. It will be important to remain calm cool and collected to allow for a favorable outcome for you. Focus on projects that can be completed quickly this month.

Aquarius – Take the initiative to improve yourself and your skills. There can be more tension and aggression at work. This can even be over the internet as we have all been working a lot online since the start of the pandemic. This is a good month to begin that exercise regime that you have been talking about! It will also help to release any tension building up within you. You can be prone to overheating or getting sick with fevers or heat. Just be mindful. Put your health first

Pisces – Make time to have fun this month! It can be playing with your kids or getting out and doing something fun or getting together with your friends in a safe way. Inspiration may come from unexpected places or even completely out of the blue. You will feel you have a clearer vision during this period. Don’t make big decisions this month until you have gathered all the information and taken the time to sleep on it.

*Note I use the sidereal Vedic system of Astrology.

These are broad high-level descriptions. As always talking with a professional astrologer is key especially as now more than ever our personal birth plans are important. Curious as to what the true specific personal impact may be for you? Schedule your personal birth chart reading or your update reading with me go to www.elizabethweihmiller.com/contact

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