Bill Gates – Microsoft co-founder and philanthropist

Bill Gates certainly needs no introduction, unless of course you have been living off the grid since the mid 1970’s. Bill Gates was born October 28, 1955 at 9:15pm in Seattle, Washington. He has recently been in the news a lot as he and his wife of 27 years, Melinda, announced they were divorcing. Since than more has come out that is said to have led to this decision. Among which includes affairs and a close association with Jeffrey Epstein. As of May 15, 2021 his net worth was valued at $143.8 billion.

What has made him so successful and wealthy? Are the affair rumors potentially true? What may have triggered the timing of the divorce? Let’s dig into his chart and find out.

Bill is a Gemini ascendant, making this his first house and laying out his chart for us. Mercury as the ruler of Gemini makes him someone who communicates with others as well as giving him the potential to work with technology and be more logical in his thinking. Mercury goes to his fourth house indicating that he is someone that sees family as an important aspect in life. He can have an interest in real estate or home design. He will need to be cautious with his heart and chest as he could be prone to problems including heart attacks.

In his second house, Cancer, is the planet Uranus. While Vedic Astrology does not put a large focus on this planet, I find in Gates chart it is an indicator of where he will make money as the second house is the money we earn. Uranus is an indicator of technology and innovation. The ruler of this house is the Moon which is in his tenth house of career. This indicates that he will make his money through his profession and that he will be in a position of control and leadership in business. He can be the spokesperson for a company and will use his voice to influence others. He is someone who will earn through constant learning and will be a lifelong learner.

In his third house, Leo, is Jupiter. Jupiter in the third house indicates someone who is full of determination and can be creative in his approach. He can be a good writer, speaker and salesperson. Travel will be a big part of his life and he will travel the world. He can be someone who writes books or articles. He can be strategic and have the executive ability needed to run large companies. He is not someone who wants to be rebuked. He needs to be cautious as he can have an overblown image of himself and it will serve him well to remain humble and grounded. Again, here we get another indication that he needs to be mindful of his heart. The Sun ruler of this house goes to his fifth house indicating that he has a need for self-expression and mastery in a particular field. He is someone that is not afraid to take risks. He can have a childlike enthusiasm. Jupiter rules his seventh house of partnership and here it can indicate that he and his spouse will travel together. Marriage can have many ups and downs. His partner can be determined and courageous. This can be true for both marriage partners and business partners. This can delay marriage until he is slightly older.

In his fourth house, Virgo, are Mars and Mercury. Mars here can indicate that in his childhood there may have been more tension, arguments and fighting around the home. He is someone who can benefit from real estate, land and manufacturing. He can be prone to heart issues as well as cancer and other inflammatory conditions. He is able to get results quickly and is able to solve problems quickly. He can have a militaristic approach. Mercury is exalted in Virgo and in the fourth can indicate that his mother insisted on his getting a good education. He mom may have been more progressive, educated and youthful. Gates is someone who will learn through books and lectures and is highly knowledgeable, creative and imaginative. He can be very intellectual but this can also prevent him from being able to express his feelings. He is analytical and enjoys a scientific approach with a numeric and linear mindset. He can be demanding and have high expectations of others. Mars and Mercury conjunct as they are can make Gates more aggressive in his communication style and he will have to at times watch how he is coming across. It can give him a mind for engineering and he can be very stimulated mentally. While it can make him ambitious it can have the other side that he may be seen as self-centered and ruthless about attaining his goals at all costs. Mercury rules his fourth house and being in its own house he can have a love of his home and time spent at home. His home is one that is close to family and his birthplace. Mars and Mercury are both in the lunar mansion of Hasta. This makes him self-motivated and good at defending and promoting his own interests. He is thick skinned and will take advantage of opportunities in new areas or foreign lands. He may be more mechanical in dealing with those who provide him no advantage. He has an innate desire to be helpful and serve.

In his fifth house, Libra, are Sun, Venus and Saturn. This is a strong house as Venus is in its own sign and Saturn is exalted here. Venus conjunct Saturn can give business or technical abilities but can also bring a delay in marriage. Sun here can indicate a bright mind and clear perception as well as a good sense of self. It can indicate him being an advisor in his field. On the other hand, he can also have a side that is domineering and possessive. He has a desire to help the less fortunate but he can turn on people to suit his own purpose. The Sun is within a degree of its exact debilitation but is uplifted by Venus being in its own sign and an exalted Saturn. Venus can give business acuity, social skills, profound creative talents and wealth. He can be prone to problems with his blood sugar. Saturn here can indicate someone who is a serious thinker and someone who needs time to contemplate. To others his thinking process may have, in the earlier years, appeared slow but he has the ability to retain information with deep comprehension. For him children could have been delayed until he was older. He can be well organized and systematic in his approach. He can be a workaholic. Venus as ruler of the fifth in its own house indicates a powerful intelligence that is a driving force of his life with clear intentions and focus. He has the ability to weigh the pros and cons before deciding to take a risk. He can also be successful in investing or speculating. Saturn rules his eighth and ninth houses. Saturn ruler of the eighth in the fifth can indicate a love of inventing and solving mysteries. It can give a great depth of mind. Saturn as ruler of the ninth in the fifth can indicate that he will benefit from meditation and living on a more spiritual path.

Saturn and Venus are in the lunar mansion Vishakha. This can indicate that he can benefit through marriage, traveling and change and has mathematical talent. He Is someone who is able to concentrate on his goals and has the perseverance to overcome obstacles. He can be extremely competitive and will not give up until he has achieved his desired goals and outcomes. He may force his will and ideas on others and be someone who is nice until he gets what he wants and than have no issues stepping on others to get his way. Sun is in the lunar mansion Swati making him a businessman. He can have renown, prosperity and financial success. He is curious and eager to learn. Gates can be intuitive in his approach.

In his sixth house, Scorpio, is the node of the Moon, Rahu. This position gives Gates the ability to think of creative solutions to any problems he comes across. He will meet opposition with courage, determination and the ability to come out ahead in the end. He can be someone who has a fiery temper and may be quick to pick a fight at times. This placement can give him a strong immune system bringing robust physical stamina. While he has the ambition and drive at work to rise in his chosen field, he can have problems around coworkers and employees that cause conflict. Working with foreigners can bring him success. He is able to take action and can make money from activities that are more subtle or hidden. He is likely driven to learn about the mysteries related to life. He can be viewed by others as being self-serving. The ruler of this house is Mars and goes to his fourth house indicating that he can have a mind that is good at strategy and the ability to outwit his enemies. He will need to watch his heart health. Rahu is in the lunar mansion of Jyeshta which can expand some of these qualities. He can be the most successful person in his family and is able to build a good support network. He has a powerful ability to manifest what he focuses on. Gates can be very protective of himself and loved ones. He can come across as arrogant and hypocritical.

In his tenth house, Pisces, is the Moon. This position can indicate someone who is well known or famous for their choice in career. In can indicate having had a successful mother. It can give a life that is filled with change and, at times, inconsistency. He can be intuitive and have the capacity to feel and comprehend things deeply. He can have a strong need to believe in something or someone. The ruler of his tenth house is Jupiter which goes to his third house indicating that he can have a career in fields that rely on communication skills including being good with sales, advertising and public relations. With this placement working with computers and the internet can be a major part of his career. He is determined and persistent but could sometimes not evaluate the consequences of certain actions which can cause setbacks and delays. The Moon is in the lunar mansion Uttara Bhadrapada. This can indicate a love of solitude and seclusion. He can have good problem-solving ability and be an impressive speaker. He can sometimes spend too much time thinking about his own outcomes while forgetting others are involved.

In his twelfth house, Taurus, is the node of the Moon, Ketu. Gates will always be traveling. He may at times find his mind feels disconnected from the world and he can be self-isolating. He may feel there is a void in his life and that he is searching for meaning. Journeys to foreign lands give him a feeling of freedom and escape. He has an interest in the unknown which keeps him learning and researching. He can be very ingenious at getting money. His family happiness can have its ups and downs. He can feel unloved by his partner at times and have problems around romance. He does have an unusual and unique creativity that comes from his special talents in this life. Ketu is in the lunar mansion of Mrigashira. This can indicate that Gates will always be searching or looking for something. He can be restless. He may be a collector and enjoy finding that special deal. He is an investigator and researcher with the ability to learn things very rapidly. He is someone who will need plenty of exercise and fresh air to stay balanced and healthy.

Bill Gates has the most powerful yoga (union of planets) that you can have in Vedic Astrology. This powerful yoga, known as the Lakshmi yoga, is known for conferring wealth, riches and prosperity in life. It confers opulent wealth and material riches when an individual has it. The planets that create this in his chart are Mercury, Saturn and Venus. What we look for is that the ruler of the chart is powerful. In Gates’ case this is Mercury and Mercury is exalted which means it is at its strongest. Next we look to the lord of the ninth house which needs to either be in its own sign or exalted in a kendra (1, 4, 7, 10) or trikona house (1, 5, 9). For Gates this is Saturn which is exalted in his fifth house a trikona house. Lastly, and this point can vary by Vedic astrologer, is that Venus needs to be in its own sign or sign of exaltation. In Gates chart Venus is in its own sign of Libra. As of this writing, as mentioned above, Gates is valued at $143.8 billion.

Another yoga that Bill Gates has is a Adhi yoga which indicates someone who is a pioneer or the first to do something. This comes from Jupiter, Mercury and Venus being in the house sixth, seventh and eighth from the Moon.

Let’s take a look at key events in his life and what transits triggered them.

Microsoft was founded in 1975 but really started taking off after its partnership with IBM in July of 1980. It then released its first retail version of Windows on November 20, 1985. On this date transiting Jupiter was in Capricorn sending its energy to his natal Mars, ruler of his eleventh house and natal Mercury, ruler of his first house. This made for an opportunity for him to really achieve great gains. This aspect also activated a dhana yoga which is a wealth producing yoga formed by the ruler of the first and eleventh being conjunct. Transiting Jupiter was also in opposition to his natal Uranus in the second house which can indicate opportunities with technology and an increase in his personal wealth. Transiting Saturn was in Scorpio sending its energy to his natal Jupiter, ruler of his tenth house of career. This created an opportunity as well as giving him the structure, hard work and discipline to achieve. Transiting Rahu was in Aries. This ignited his eleventh house of great gains. It was sending its energy to his third house and natal Jupiter, ruler of his tenth house of career expanding his career even more. He was in his Venus Maha Dasha and Venus sub-dasha putting all the energy in his fifth house which also lit up the Lakshmi yoga of wealth and prosperity. Microsoft is best known for its Windows operating system.

Bills Gates married Melinda French on January 1, 1994. At this time transiting Jupiter was in Libra conjunct his natal Venus. Transiting Saturn was in Aquarius sending its energy by opposition to the ruler of his seventh house, Jupiter. This created a marriage based on security. At this time he was in his Venus maha dasha and Jupiter sub-dasha. Jupiter as ruler of his seventh was activating the potential for marriage. Jupiter is also in the first house in his Navamsha which is another positive hit for marriage. Transiting Jupiter and transiting Venus were parivartana at this time. This means that where Venus was in Sagittarius and Jupiter in Libra they both acted as if in their own signs and Jupiter, as ruler of the seventh, activated marriage. Gates does have natal Saturn aspecting the seventh house which can give a long-lasting marriage. He had five strong hits suggesting marriage and usually the rule is three or more can indicate the possibility.

Now on May 3, 2021 Bill and Melinda announced their decision to divorce. At this time transiting Saturn is in Capricorn sending its energy to his natal Venus. This can be one indication of a divorce. It is important to point out that Melinda started talking to attorneys about a divorce back in 2019 when Saturn was transiting Gates’ seventh house. This can be a time when Saturn awakens the reality and reveals the truth of relationships. It can lead to individuals feeling the grass may greener on the other side and the potential for affairs. He is in a nodal inversion at this time where transiting Ketu is conjunct his natal Rahu and transiting Rahu is conjunct his natal Ketu. This can be a period of change. Transiting Ketu is sending its energy to his natal Moon, ruler of his second house of money. This can be a time of loss to his personal wealth. While the transits are not as strong now. I know that when the talks likely begin back in 2019 there were even more indications of loss of a relationship as both transiting Saturn and Ketu were in Gates’ seventh house of relationships at the same time.

Bill Gates is an impressive individual and his chart is impressive in and of itself. It will be fascinating to continue watching what else he may create in this lifetime.

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