November 2019 Predictions

Look below for your Ascendant or Moon sign to see your November 2019 prediction.

Big shifts are happening this month. Jupiter, the planet that grants opportunities is finally moving into Sagittarius on November 4. Mars will move into Libra on November 10. Mercury will be retrograding back into Libra on November 7. With Mercury retrograde watch that communication lines stay clear and avoid big technology purchases.

Aries – You will find that the passion between you and your partner is higher this month. It is a good month to complete tasks that can be completed quickly. Be sure to pay close attention to details in contracts or agreements. This is not a time to let anger get the best of you, use patience in order to avoid disputes or conflicts. Make some time to laugh or get out and do something fun. It is a great time to make plans for vacation which may provide a different perspective.

Taurus – Take the initiative this month to improve yourself. Travel for work is likely to change your typical routine. This is a time that you are able to better recapture lost items or lost money. If you have found yourself dealing with the legal system proceedings could lean your way. Be aware in your driving as an accident is more possible during this time. If making decisions to buy new items be sure that you truly have the money to buy them and that you won’t be digging yourself into a hole of debt.

Gemini – Your mind is full of ideas and a need to express yourself. If you have children take the time to laugh, play and enjoy. Get them out doing fun things and talking together. This month will seem like everything is sharper and clearer. It’s a great time to enjoy the company of friends and to get out and let loose. You will feel more competitive this month. It is important not to make rash decisions this month especially if you have a temper, let things cool down.

Cancer – You will find yourself bringing work home this month whether it be for studying, reading or writing. Your energy levels will be high this month but your temper may also be high around the home causing more disturbances. Make sure that any candles or fires you light are fully extinguished before leaving the house or going to bed. It is important to get your car inspected. I would recommend not buying a new car this month, if avoidable. If you have felt your wardrobe needs a face lift this is the time.

Leo – If ever there was a good month to express yourself, whether through writing, dance, art, music, drama, or athletics, look no further. Short distance travel can be a positive for you but keep in mind the travel part could involve delays. Learning new information will come easily and be beneficial for you. Avoid buying electronics no matter how tempting the sale may seem. You will find it of value to maintain a list of things to do or things you want to accomplish. Be sure not to “hog” attention and to stay calm through communications.

Virgo – Your speech will be more direct this month just be sure that your words and tone have power so take a deep breath to think before saying anything. This is a good month for preventative measures when it comes to your face, teeth, or gums. You will feel more of a pull to eat out this month but try to push through the desire and cook at home. While money seems to be coming in be careful not to overspend. Take the time to update your budget and put it back front of mind.

Libra – You will feel a rush of energy and ambition this month to accomplish many things. Take advantage of this time and feeling. It will be important to keep an eye on your temper and to be patient. Watch out as you could be more accident prone especially head related. There is a desire to communicate and talk with others in order to express yourself. Just be sure you let others get a word in too. It is a good time to take a new class or learn a new skill that will help you in the future.

Scorpio – An interest in foreign places and cultures may push you to start planning your next big international adventure. The past will resurface as a time of healing to fully work through any issues or resentment. Understanding, compassion and forgiveness are the key to healing the past hurts. Take the time to look at other viewpoints of the situation. This is a good month to get ahead on credit card payments. Be careful what you share in confidence at work as you will avoid the potential for backstabbing.

Sagittarius – Keep your eyes open as opportunities will present themselves and you should be sure to take advantage of them. Optimism will be high and pay attention to a message that will bring hope for your future. This is a time to conserve your resources – don’t go on spending sprees. It is also important this month not to share secrets, especially around work, to avoid backstabbing which, doing so, you could later come to regret. It can be good month to socialize with friends.

Capricorn – This is a month to take action and not let overthinking or procrastination get in your way. Drive and ambition will help you finally attract that promotion you have been eyeing but be sure you read the environment before just asking for one. Be sure to make the time to think through your future career goals. Keep a notebook of ideas expressed as they will become a reality. Keep an open mind and be open to suggestions making sure communication is clear and understood all around.

Aquarius – It is a lucky month for you and you will find yourself more inspired. Traveling can open up new information channels that will impact your life, but there may be delays with travel as well so use patience. This is not the month to begin arguments with your boss as they can have a long-standing impact on your job. It is a good time to focus on self-renewal and improvement to help move you to the next level of your growth journey. Be sure not to take any unethical shortcuts for ease this month.

Pisces – You will find yourself more curious and interested in researching matters that interest you this month. You will find your mind is full of insights and it likely won’t make sense where they come from but trust that you are receiving the message for a reason. Talk with others and open up to hearing different perspectives that will give more insight and understanding. Be sure to take care of yourself this month as you will feel more vulnerable, irritable and worried.

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