October 2019 Sign Predictions

Look below for your Ascendant or Moon sign to see your October 2019 prediction.

September brought a much-needed boost as Saturn the task master is finally moving forward. Things that felt stuck should begin to move forward again as all of the key planets, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn, are in forward motion. What this means for you is that you should start feeling more positive and more able to conquer what may have seemed unconquerable. Mercury will turn retrograde again on October 31st.

Aries – This is a good month to take the initiative to improve yourself. Get out and get active to help improve your overall health. This is not the month to takes risks but to be more cautious in the decisions you make as well as being extra cautious when driving as you could be prone to accidents. It’s a good month to focus on saving some money and not spending frivolously. It’s helpful to take a few extra breaths this month when it may seem like arguments are coming or if there is conflict in the work place.

Taurus – This month you may feel sharper and more aware. Things may just seem clearer. This is a good month to take delight in your life, go to a sporting event or get out and compete. You will feel a competitive drive so take advantage of it. This is a good month to enjoy the company of friends. If you have children be aware of their well-being. if they haven’t had an annual checkup recently this can be a good time to get it done. If arguments arise be sure you communicate with honest authenticity without the bite.

Gemini – Energy levels are higher this month. If you have needed some new clothes or accessories or even a new car this is a good time to buy. Be sure that you are meeting family responsibilities but also know there could be some arguments or disagreements this month. It will be important to find ways to destress and relax, taking care of yourself. If you haven’t had your car checked in a while go ahead and get that done. It is also a good month to check the electrical system in your house and to fix any little things that you may have been putting off.

Cancer – If ever there was a good month to exhibit your talents this is it. Whether it be art, music, dance, athletics, writing or the like. Your ambition and drive are higher this month so be sure to take advantage of this. However, be sure that you don’t “hog” attention and allow others to express themselves as well. Short distance travel can be beneficial. You will find you have more courage to accomplish important goals. Competition will motivate and inspire you to improve. It is a good time to go to a seminar or take a class to expand your skills.

Leo – You will find that your speech is more direct this month but be cautious to maintain a polite and diplomatic approach, as insulting abrupt words can anger others. If you haven’t been to the dentist for your checkup this is the month to do it. It is important to watch spending as money can come in quickly and easily but will also go out just as quickly and easily. It is good to remember that taking the time to sit down and eat will be beneficial, helping to prevent digestive upsets that can slow you down.

Virgo – This month you will find the drive and ambition to accomplish many things including projects that have been on the back burner. You will be able to do things quickly this month but you may also be more accident prone especially as it relates to your head. Just keep an eye on yourself. You will have the drive to conquer the tasks that seemed impossible to conquer so take full advantage of this energy. This is a good time to defend yourself if it is necessary but on the flip side you also need to watch your temper and be more patient with others.

Libra – It is a good month to put time and energy in to spiritual work. This month you will need to be aware of secret enemies. Whether it be jealous coworkers at work or making sure that your house is protected and all doors are locked. It will be important to keep your emotions and finances in check not letting either get out of control. It is important to be patient and to take the time to take care of your health and build in time to destress. Sleep is disturbed whether it be from nightmares or waking up worrying in the middle of the night.

Scorpio – This month activation of opportunities is high don’t miss out by sitting home. Get out, socialize and make new friends but be cautious of those pretending to be your friend for the wrong reasons. Cash flow has the potential to increase with opportunities presenting themselves. This month be sure you don’t confide secrets to others as you could come to regret doing so. It is important to not go on spending sprees as the money could all burn up quickly. It is also good to say “no” when asked if you can loan friends or family money.

Sagittarius – This is a good month to take action but don’t let your intellect get in the way of a good decision. It is a good time to work on advancing your career or making plans for the future if a change is needed. If you have been thinking about asking for a raise or promotion the time is now but be sure to gauge the environment before making demands; making sure your desire is well supported by work being done and increased responsibilities. It’s important to respect your boss and not override their judgment.

Capricorn – You are feeling luckier and inspired. Long distance travel can be good for you with positive outcomes but be sure to avoid dangerous circumstances and locations. Put in some time learning new knowledge and skills that can help move you to new levels and stimulate your brain. It is a month to finally break away from those that have been trying to or actually control your mind. There is the possibility of getting in to arguments or disputes with your father or boss.

Aquarius – This is a good month to let your curiosity lead the way and take the time to research matters that interest you. Check in on health issues that have been bugging you. It is a good month to get a massage or try out acupuncture if you haven’t already. You will find your mind full of insights but also worries. Take care of yourself this month and don’t let yourself get out of balance. If you have been considering cleansing your body this is the month. Eat clean, get out and get active – fresh air can work wonders for your body.

Pisces – Passion with your partner will be increased this month. The flip side is they may also come across as more aggressive and feel like they are attacking your character. Let them release some steam, be patient and keep calm as getting defensive will only provoke them more. It is a good time to pursue business transactions that can be completed quickly but be sure to pay attention to the fine print and details of any and all agreements and contracts. It’s a good time for your partner to check in on their health as well.

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