July 2019 Predictions

Read for your Ascendant or Moon sign.

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We have a lot of energy this month in Gemini and Sagittarius. We start the month with a total Solar Eclipse in Gemini on July 2 and we follow it up with a partial Lunar Eclipse on July 16 in Sagittarius. This can bring change to the areas in your chart where the eclipses are taking place. Look below at for your Ascendant or Moon sign to see your July prediction.

Aries – This month may be one that calls you to reading and learning more. You may have a desire to spend time around family but be cautious as this is not a month to pick small fights around the house. Unless it is a major issue just breathe and let it go. If your check engine light comes on or you’ve been procrastinating on getting it checked don’t wait any longer. A short vacation could be just what the doctor ordered this month. If you can’t get away think about doing a day trip, going to a museum, the movies or a concert.

Taurus – This month will bring the courage and ambition to move to a new level of expertise and achievement. Write that list and get cracking! It’s a great month to get out there and move. Go for a run, a hike, play tennis – do something active as it will bring more energy to you. It could be a month where you find yourself fighting more with your sibling(s). This too shall pass. This can be a good month for you to take a short trip and you will reap beneficial rewards from doing so. If you have dental work that needs completing this is a great month to go ahead and check it off your to-do-list.

Gemini – This is a month to sit down and take the time to check in on your finances. Check your budget and adjust as needed. Watch where you are spending your money as it can come in quickly but leave just as quickly. Watch your words as they may come across as more harsh, insulting or angry this month. If there is something you need to purchase do your research and look for sales that can save you money. If you have been waiting for the perfect time to discuss your expectations in love and money with your person now is the time.

Cancer – You will feel a need to communicate your ideas or express yourself more this month. Receiving new information that the desire to learn and grow. If you have put any projects on the back burner now is the time to bring them back to the forefront. You have the ambition and energy to finish them, conquering aspects that seemed daunting or impossible before. This is a month to watch those corners and slow down as you will be more accident prone. Ensure you are getting plenty of restful sleep – so shut those devices off at night – yes, I’m talking to you.

Leo – If you have been eyeing a foreign travel destination now is the time to start planning it. This is a good time to work on healing past pains or hurts. Be careful about the information you share with others as they can use it against you for their own personal gain. Make sure you lock up your house – windows and doors. Sleep will be more disturbed, potentially waking up from nightmares. It’s a good month for you to enjoy art galleries, movies or plays – get out and be social. If you’re open this is a great month for you to make new friends while out and about.

Virgo – This is a month to be optimistic about your future as optimism can bring new gains to your life. However, when it comes to dealing with friends and co-workers, be sure to watch your back for those who are only pretending to be your friend. This is not the time to share secrets or gossip as it will come back around and bite you in the you know where. Look for ideas or options that inspire growth. Don’t turn down invitations this month as you never know where they will lead you. It’s a great month to use color and design to promote a product or business.

Libra – Keep those lines of communication at work open and flowing. Being open to new ideas and thoughts, especially those of the younger generation, can help to open up possibilities. The key this month is keeping an open mind. Going with the flow of new ideas and thoughts can give a sense of freedom. Drive and ambition around work are high but be sure to respect others and not steam roll over them. This is not a month to get in to fights with your boss over little things.

Scorpio – A good month to travel or learn new information. This could even come from just listening to someone talking about a topic you may not have as much knowledge about. Important information will come from a unique source. Staying open minded opens new doors. If there is someone who you feel has been controlling your mind or invading it this is the month to say “bye”. Money can come from others in an unexpected way, be sure to stay open and receptive.

Sagittarius – There may be an underlying anger or hostility that steals your peace of mind. Be sure to get a check up and make sure you are taking care of your body. This is a good month to cleanse your body of toxins and reset it. This is also a good month to stay on top of current news and what others are talking about as it can guide you in the right direction. If you feel you have some unresolved issues from the past be sure to really listen as you can receive messages that lead to better understanding and enlightenment of the problem.

Capricorn – This can be a hard communication month with your partner as they may seem like they are attacking your character at times. Don’t get defensive as this will only make matters worse. It can be a good month to work together to find the humorous side of life. Go to a comedy club or something to get you laughing, as laughing can help to heal. It can be a good time to start planning a much-needed vacation to release the stress of everyday life – even if it is just a few days at the beach or in the mountains.

Aquarius – You can find work trips coming up. It will be important to communicate with others and keep those lines open and honest. Don’t get involved in workplace gossip. If you have been taking it easy this is a good month to get back to an exercise routine. Be cautious and aware as impulsive behavior can lead to accidents. Your pet could have health problems this month that add up – don’t put off getting them checked out. If you have been waiting for the right time to start dating again look no further than this month. Keep an openhearted attitude.

Pisces – This is a good month to get out and have some fun with your friends. Go to a sporting event or concert. Children could cause some worry this month. There is a competitive fire burning in you this month. You could find yourself getting flashes of insight, don’t ignore them! In fact, be sure to get those ideas down whether in an article or blog post. You need the creative outlet to express yourself. You should also be sure to take some time at home which can bring you a sense of peace.

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