What might we see in Baby Sussex?

Baby Sussex has officially arrived. Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, gave birth to a healthy baby boy on May 6, 2019, at 5:26 am at Frogmore Cottage, Windsor, England. This has been a much-anticipated birth. Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, was overjoyed as he announced the arrival of his son.
With all this said let’s look at the potential in the new additions birth chart. And what we might expect to see as he grows up.
Based on his time of birth he has his ascendant in Aries. With an Aries ascendant Mars is the ruling planet of the chart and it also rules the 8th house. The new parents will likely need to be cautious of accidents especially as he may be prone to incidents with his head. With Mars ruling the 8th house he will likely have more depth because of a desire to research and investigate. Venus rules both his 2nd and 7th house which indicates financial affairs will be tied in with marriage and partnerships. Venus may also be a rough planet for baby Sussex as it rules both the Maraka houses (killer houses). Mercury rules his 3rd and 6th houses bringing a competitive nature to the mind, and it may bring it through sibling rivalry (but only time will tell if Meghan and Harry try for another baby – rumor is they want more). There is potential for anxiety with Mercury ruling the 6th house of health. Jupiter rules the 9th house and the 12th house. This will have a spiritual influence on his life. He will likely travel in the pursuit of knowledge or teach in some form. (With his parent’s love of Africa he should fit right in!) The Sun rules his 5th house which can make for a leader. Saturn rules both the 10th house of career and 11th house of great gains. This will mean he may need to be more disciplined in both these areas.
Let’s now go a little more in-depth and where the planets land.
He has three planets exalted in his chart, Sun, Moon, and Venus, which can be a powerful thing depending on the houses they rule. The Sun is in his first house exalted and rules the 5th house; this could be a powerful planet for him. The placement of the Sun in the 1st house in Aries indicates that he is the first born in the family and that he will be very competitive needing to be number one. He will need to watch out that he does not become too self-centered as this placement can give a really strong sense of self and bring a selfish attitude. He also has Mercury in his first house which is the house number Mercury is strongest in. He will have the ability to learn and process information. Communication will play a significant role in his life. He may have a great sense of humor and may always look younger than his actual age. He will be someone who travels and enjoys exploring the world. Mars, ruler of the 1st house, goes to the 2nd house making money a significant focus throughout his life. He may always be driving to improve in life through financial achievements and having a desire for financial independence.
We move to the 2nd house in Taurus which houses the Moon (exalted in this placement) and Mars. He may begin speaking early, but he will need to be cautious in what he says, making sure to think through his thoughts before just blurting them out. This could be a sign that Meghan and Harry may not last as a couple as it can indicate a lot of fighting and turmoil in his youth. He will need to be cautious of his digestive system as he may always be eating on the go and with the Moon here he can also have food sensitivities. This placement does give him a drive and ambition. The Moon in the second house can indicate that he may face many changes and disruptions. His mother Meghan may be under duress or mental turmoil. He could change residences many times in his early years. He may end up eventually needing glasses or contacts. Venus rules the 2nd house but goes to the 12th house. He may need to be cautious with his money and/ or he may also give abundantly to others.
Rahu is in his 3rd house. This placement may indicate that he is very technologically savvy as he grows up and that he eventually deals with technology in some form. He works around unusual people or foreigners (he is part of the British royal family, so this makes total sense). He may have ear infections as a child and could have trouble making friends because of constant change in schools while growing up.
Next, he has Jupiter in his 8th house in Scorpio. He got lucky that he was not born a couple of weeks earlier as he would have had a Kala Sarpa yoga. This yoga is where all the planets are on one side of Rahu and Ketu (the nodes of the Moon), and it brings a fated destiny almost. But back to Jupiter. Jupiter in the 8th house indicates that he may have this desire to understand the meaning and workings of the Universe. Always asking questions and investigating. Because the 8th house is the 2nd house (personal money) from the 7th house (partners), it may indicate that in the future wealth could come from who he marries. Jupiter is also retrograde which may cause it to act differently as well as being Ghandanta, the last degree of a water sign, which means that he may at times feel like he is drowning and he may need to be watched carefully growing up as worst case it can indicate actual drowning. Mars as ruler of the 8th house goes to the 2nd house. This could suggest that inherited money may cause him grief eventually.
In his 9th house of beliefs, long travels and fortune, and luck he has Saturn and Ketu. Saturn may indicate that his Father may be stern and controlling with many rules and regulations. The spiritual belief may be more traditional and structured (Church of England anyone?). Ketu in the 9th house of the Father could lead to a feeling that his Dad is not always present whether it be physically, emotionally or mentally. He may have a strong desire to connect with his Dad. He may travel to unusual places finding that spirituality becomes a burning desire and focus throughout his life. His experiences in life will be what lead him to enlightenment. He may end up finding he has a distaste for religion or becomes interested in metaphysical studies (like astrology). This indicates his Father has/ had a life of torment, problems and potentially secrets.
Venus is in the 12th house exalted in Pisces. Venus is the only planet that does well in the 12th house, and it can be a prosperous position. However, there could be disappointments in love. For the new baby, sleep will be a necessity.
Other things we can potentially expect are that he will likely have material wealth and money throughout his life. However, he may have a period of suffering through which he may gain spiritual opportunities. We may find that as he ages he grows and learns and it is through the fruits of his labor that he will acquire wealth. He is blessed to have Jupiter in the 7th house from his Moon which will give him intelligence, wealth and virtues. Moon and Mars conjunct is likely to provide him with a good business sense and financial prosperity. He may be someone who is spontaneous in initiating relationships by giving off a charming and good looking appearance. He may come across as calmer while keeping any anger below the surface. He will likely have a great sense of self but may find as he gets older that he potentially loses his hair. We may see that he has an unexpected rise in life due to an unfortunate event or problem. He may be a pioneer or courageous and an explorer who has a zest for life but could be restless and sometimes rush off without planning ahead. He could be prone to scandalous affairs later on. He may collect things and may constantly be on a search for something. He may not have as many friends and will likely be very protective of himself and his family.
When we look to his Navamasha, we can see what may actually be produced in the birth chart later in life. He will likely continue to be wealthy, but it may be through his work and service to others. He will be ambitious, driven and have a competitive edge. With Mars in his first house here it may offset the potential for hair loss in his birth chart. He may never sit still and likely will stand out in a crowd. His Dad may be a powerful influence for him, and he will likely enjoy traveling the world and continuing to learn through travel. He may find that he begins to have issues with his teeth as he gets older and will definitely need some form of correction for his vision as he ages. If he chooses to write a book he has the ability to do so. He will need to learn to look inside himself to discover the answers. He needs to continue to be cautious of his diet as he could have digestive issues. His future partner may be a powerful leader. Travel will be a part of life and may at times be spontaneous. He may have an unexpected career or may change careers from time to time.

Overall, I think we should keep our eye on this little one and see what he makes of his life.

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